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Dashboard Stochastic MT5


This indicator allows you to visualize the state of the stochastic on 28 pairs. With a color bar, alerts, and push alerts, users can easily tap into potential buying and selling opportunities when the 28 major pairs cross overbought/oversold zones.

Dashboard Stochastic is an intuitive and user-friendly graphical tool that can help you track all 28 pairs and provides trading signals based on the classic stochastic rules (overbought/oversold and stochastic crossing).

  • clrOrange: The stochastic signal line is above the overbought limit, and a secondary sell signal is given
  • clrAqua: The stochastic signal line is below the oversold limit, and a secondary buy signal is given
  • clrRed: The stochastic signal line crosses the stochastic overbought limit from top to bottom, and the main sell signal is given
  • clrLime: the stochastic signal line crosses the stochastic oversold limit from the bottom up, and the main buy signal is given

See screenshots 3 and 4

  • When you first launch the dashboard, it may take 3-5 minutes for the history to load. On subsequent launches, it takes a few minutes.
  • All 28 characters must be available in the character window.
  • To make the panel look clear and neat, we recommend using a black template. See screenshot 2.

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  • Send Alert upon Signal-notification when a signal appears
  • Send Notification upon Singal-send a notification when a signal appears
  • TimeFrame of STO-the timeframe of the stochastic oscillator
  • K Period of STO – the period of the K line of the stochastic oscillator
  • D Period of STO – the period of the D line of the stochastic oscillator
  • STO Slowing-deceleration of the stochastic oscillator
  • MA Method of STO-method for calculating the moving average of a stochastic oscillator
  • Applied Price of STO – the applied price for calculating the stochastic oscillator
  • STO Overbought Limit – the overbought limit of the stochastic oscillator
  • STO Oversold Limit – the oversold limit of the stochastic oscillator
  • TimeFrame of new chart – timeframe of the new chart
  • string usertemplate = “default” – custom template name
  • suffix: character suffix For example: for’ EURUSDx’, specify the suffix ‘x’, leave the prefix blank
  • prefix: character prefix
  • x_axis: position of the panel on the X-axis
  • y_axis: Y-axis position of the panel

See screenshots from 1,3 and 4.

After sending an alert / notification for a certain pair, the next alert / notification for this pair will be within the next 5 minutes after the signal occurs.


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