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Day Candle is an indicator that displays candles of the higher timeframes on the current chart.

  • The settings allow you to select any timeframe for the displayed candles, as well as any color for a bullish and bearish candle.
  • The objects that the indicator creates are not visible in the chart objects window, and they cannot be selected by double-clicking. Thus, the indicator does not interfere and does not get confused among other objects on the chart.
  • Unlike other similar indicators, there is a display of candle shadows (high and low), and not just the body.
  • There is a button to turn on / off the indicator.
  • Does not load memory.

  • Timeframe – the timeframe of the candles that should be displayed against the background of the current chart.
  • Up Bar Color – the color of the bullish candle.
  • Down Bar Color – the color of the bearish candle.
  • Neutral Bar Color – the color of a neutral candle.
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