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This is a demo version of the “Delta Volume histogramExpert Advisor. The demo version only works on one symbol, CL… (Light crude oil futures)!

The “Delta Volume histogram “expert builds” Delta volume”,” Real volume”,” Buy volume”,” Sell volume”,” Tick volume ” histograms.
Expert Advisor version:

  • It has a built-in “Pending orders indicator”. The indicator is designed to analyze the pending market orders available in the “MarketBook”.
  • Displays the volume profile levels of the market (VAH VAL from 60% to 85%).
  • Built-in side histogram.
    Note: The Expert Advisor fully works only in markets with real (exchange-traded) volumes.

    The histogram is plotted in any range, both in the range of the month and in the range of five minutes.
    Recalculation of volumes and redrawing of the current histogram occurs once per second.
    Use keyboard shortcuts to control the Expert Advisor. You can change the location of the hotkeys.

    By default:

    • Key 1: launch/delete tick volume histogram”
    • Key 2: launch/delete real volume histogram”
    • Key 3: launch/delete sell volume histogram”
    • Key 4: launch/delete buy volume histogram”
    • Key 5: launch/delete delta histogram”
    • Key Q: launch/delete info label”
    • Key A: launch/delete panel settings
    • Key S: launch/delete pending orders indicator
    • Key Z: launch/delete Histogram”
    • Key D: delete info label”

      The panel settings are displayed on the screen. By default, the A key is: launch/delete Input menu.

      • Period – period of the session from M3 to MN
      • Sessions count – number of sessions from 1 to 200
      • Sessions color – session color
      • Tick volume color – the base color of Tick Volume
      • Real volume color – the base color of Real Volume
      • Sell volume color-the base color of the Sell Volume
      • Buy volume color – the base color of Buy Volume
      • Delta-color – color delta minus
      • Delta color – delta plus color
      • Max level color – the color of the maximum level
      • Below level color – the color of the levels below the maximum, but above the specified percentage
      • Level percentage – the percentage of the specified level from 50% to 90%
      • Label:
        • Label color – the color of the information table
        • Label alpha-transparency of the information table
        • Label width – width of the information table
        • Text color – the color of the information table text
      • Side histogram:
        • Volume type – Real volume, Delta, Sell volume, Buy volume, Tick volume
        • Period – Current day, Last day, Current week, Last week, Current month, Last month, Start

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      05 August 2020

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