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Delta Volume histogram


The knowledgeable “Delta Quantity histogram” builds “Delta quantity”, “Actual quantity”, “Purchase quantity”, “Promote quantity”, “Tick quantity” histograms.
Skilled’s model:

  • It has a built-in “Pending orders indicator”. The indicator is designed to research pending market orders out there within the “MarketBook”.
  • Shows the quantity profile ranges of the market (VAH VAL from 60% to 85%).
  • A facet histogram is in-built.

It is a highly effective device for analyzing commerce volumes. The chart relies on tick data.
Relying on the dealer, we choose the kind of ticks within the settings. For actual (inventory) volumes, choose Tick sort – Commerce within the Skilled Settings.

Be aware: The Skilled absolutely works solely on markets with actual (change) volumes.

The histogram is plotted in any vary, each within the vary of a month and within the vary of 5 minutes.
Quantity recalculation and redrawing of the present histogram happens as soon as per second.
Scorching keys are used to manage the Skilled. The placement of the hotkeys might be modified.

By default:

  • Key 1: launch/delete tick quantity histogram”
  • Key 2: launch/delete actual quantity histogram”
  • Key 3: launch/delete promote quantity histogram”
  • Key 4: launch/delete purchase quantity histogram”
  • Key 5: launch/delete delta histogram”
  • Key Q: launch/delete data label”
  • Key A: launch/delete panel settings
  • Key S: launch/delete pending orders indicator
  • Key Z: launch/delete Histogram”
  • Key D: delete data label”

[spoiler title=”

Panel settings are displayed on the display. By default, the A secret’s: launch/delete Enter menu.

  • Interval – session interval from M3 to MN
  • Classes rely – the variety of periods from 1 to 200
  • Classes coloration – session coloration
  • Tick quantity coloration – the bottom coloration of Tick Quantity
  • Actual quantity coloration – base coloration of Actual Quantity
  • Promote quantity coloration – the bottom coloration of Promote Quantity
  • Purchase quantity coloration – Purchase Quantity base coloration
  • Delta – coloration – delta minus coloration
  • Delta coloration – delta plus coloration
  • Max degree coloration – the colour of the utmost degree
  • Beneath degree coloration – the colour of the degrees beneath the utmost, however above the desired proportion
  • Stage proportion – the share of the desired degree from 50% to 90%
  • Label:
    • Label coloration – the colour of the knowledge desk
    • Label alpha – transparency of the knowledge desk
    • Label width – width of the knowledge desk
    • Textual content coloration – the colour of the knowledge desk textual content
  • Facet histogram:
    • Quantity sort – Actual quantity, Delta, Promote quantity, Purchase quantity, Tick quantity
    • Interval – Present day, Final day, Present week, Final week, Present month, Final month, Begin
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