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DEMO Times and Sales save to csv


This is a DEMO version of the product. The file will contain 1000 trades for any symbol.

The Times and Sales to csv utility allows you to save a tape of transactions to your hard drive. This valuable information will always be at hand and will be useful for testing trading algorithms and analyzing historical data.

The utility is an indicator that does not build any charts and has no input parameters. Its task is to write data quietly, without disturbing the trader. The indicator itself subscribes to receiving price data. There is no need to open the glass on the instrument.

Attach it to the chart and you will get a file with trades in the Files folder of your terminal.

File name:

“tool name” “. csv”. For example,


File structure:

Date and time;bid price;ask price;last price; volume; transaction direction

There is no header in the file. Only rows with data.

Attention: the terminal must always be turned on! This is due to the peculiarities of obtaining price data.

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