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DiNapoli Fibo Overbalance Multi Tool


A tool for technical analysis.

Allows you to make measurements:

  • Fibonacci levels, including searching for clusters of Fibonacci levels (using the DiNapoli method)
  • Preponderance
  • Trend Line
  • Display of supply/demand levels

  • Trend_Color – color of the trend line
  • Trend_Width – the thickness of the trend line
  • Trend_info – if true, additional information is displayed next to the trend line (minimum, maximum average values of the trend line)
  • Trend_info_color_up_dn – text color for describing trend lines
  • Trend_info_font_up_dn – text size for describing trend lines
  • Trend_info_color_med – text color for describing median lines
  • Trend_info_font_med – text size for describing median lines
  • Draw_fibo – if true, the Fibonacci levels are displayed
  • Fibo_Levels – Fibonacci levels. You can add additional levels by separating them with commas
  • Fibo_Colors – color of the Fibonacci levels
  • Fibo_Level_Width – the thickness of the line of the Fibonacci levels, from 0 to 4
  • Semi_Auto_Mode – If true, the Fibonacci levels automatically detect local minima/maxima
  • Shift_to_right – if true, the Fibonacci levels are shifted to the right edge of the chart
  • Show_labels – if true, the numeric values of the Fibonacci levels are displayed
  • Draw_tracking – if true, the lines connecting the points on which the Fibonacci levels are plotted are displayed
  • Draw_levels – if false, the Fibonacci levels are displayed as small dots
  • Draw_OVB – if true, the overweight values are displayed
  • OVB_style – the style of the preponderance lines, from 0 to 4
  • OVB_width – the thickness of the preponderance lines, from 0 to 4
  • OVB_back-if true, the rectangle background is displayed for the overweight levels
  • Different_OB_Colors – if false, all overweight levels are displayed in the same color
  • Second_OB_level – preponderance levels. You can add your own levels
  • Alert_distance – distance in points from the levels (trend lines, Fibonacci levels, overweight levels) to trigger alerts (when Show_alert = true)
  • Show_alert-if false, notifications will be disabled
  • Send_notification – if true, notifications are sent to the mobile terminal
  • Play_Sound – if false, the audio signals will be disabled
  • Alert_sound – audio file in “*.wav ” format”
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