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Double-smoothed Stochastic. Thanks to the double smoothing, it eliminates some of the limitations of the standard Stochastic to a certain limit. This concerns the inaccuracy of the oscillator data in a strong trend.

Double smoothing allows the indicator to react more slowly to price fluctuations and maintain its usefulness even in a trending market. The indicator is used like any other oscillator: we buy in the oversold zone and sell when the indicator reaches relatively high values. Do not forget to take into account the overall trend and areas of strong support/resistance. The indicator can be used for scalping on a minute chart or for intraday trading on larger timeframes.

  • StochasticLength – the indicator calculation period.
  • SmoothEMA-the averaging parameter for the indicator values that have passed double smoothing.
  • SignalEMA – the period of the moving average for the signal (signal indicator value).
  • oversoldlevel – oversold level (the line is displayed for ease of perception).
  • overboughtlevel – overbought level.
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