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Let’s face it, would you buy an Expert Advisor that has no track record and only a sketchy backtest curve tailored to data that fails in real trading?
No, neither do we, so the DragonScalper ADVISOR has more than 850% annual profit with a low controlled drawdown on the LIVE Trading IC MARKETS LIVE account for more than 1 YEAR in a row.
Trading indicators on a real account:
Dragon is very easy to backtesting and works very well on a real account. The secret of success lies in the use of inputs based on price action, as opposed to inputs based on indicators. Many indicator-based systems fail in real trading because markets are fluid (constantly changing) and indicators become useless when market dynamics change. In pure PA (Price Action) systems, the system is always one step ahead of the market, because the price action (market movement) confirms the transaction. No movement – no trade!
More than 2080 live traders follow this system on myfxbook, Dragon has a huge number of fans.
No martingale, no grid. Always fixed stop loss and take profit (25 points). No overnight or weekend hold. Purely an intraday trader. Maximum of 3 transactions per day. GBPJPY only.

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Only ( 10)  9 left at $499
Dragon for MT4 is fully automated and includes parameters such as stop loss, trailing stop loss, take profit and programmable lot sizes, recovery coefficient. Dragon only trades GBPJPY* (*also works with other pairs that we do not recommend without careful testing).
The Dragon Expert Advisor places daily orders at certain support and resistance levels on 3 different charts and deletes them by 17:00 British time if they did not work. It uses SL 25 points and TP 25 points with the trailing stop enabled at 10 points.
The Dragon Expert Advisor uses the recovery function, which increases the size of the transaction after a loss by a maximum of 2 levels x2. (the maximum lot is X4 more than the initial lot).
Mode of operation for every $2,000 equity, we use the standard risk on the myfxbook account.
Standard risk: base lot 0.1, maximum 0.4. Average yield per month: >10%. The expected drawdown is ~25%. 
The Dragon Expert Advisor constantly keeps your balance in a liquid state. (Balance = capital). Never keep deals on weekends or overnight.
To get more profit, change the proportions. Users can set their own lots. You can increase the yield X2 or X4 if you are able to put up with large drawdowns.
You can find our backtests in the strategies section of our profile on myfxbook:
To conduct a successful backtest, download MT4 from the ICMarkets website and use a 5 min chart. Load the data and run each tick mode. You need to run 3 separate tests with a boxend hour of 0900, then 1015 and finally 1200.
Critical ***When you run the backtest or run it in real time, change the points above and below the range from 50 to 10. (10 = 1 point). It should always be 10 and we don’t want to release an update just to change this setting when the user can easily change it***.
1. Poor quality of GBJPY data source from your broker
2. large broker spreads in the backtest.
3. Incorrect GMT settings for your data/broker. For example, the Duka data is GMT, not GMT 3, as in IC.
4. wrong timeframe – use 5-minute data and upload 1-minute data for each tick of the test.
5. you have not changed the range of points above/below from 50 to 10.
Dragon update in the trading window and trailing stop loss on August 20, 2021 – will significantly improve performance,
Please visit our settings page to see the changes we made to the trading window and trailing stop that day:


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