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The DuettoFXTompson indicator is designed to work with two instruments that have a high level of correlation, the indicator can be used for pair trading on currencies, stocks, and other financial instruments.  The indicator shows the moment of divergence of the instruments and the sum of the two instruments ( yellow line), additionally   The parameter of the Average MA value is calculated. 

The recommended timeframe for working with M5.  Contacts for communication [email protected] , we will prepare an expert, an indicator for your task.


  •  period – the period of the indicator
  •  oneInstrument-character 1
  •  Otherinstument-symbol 2
  •  smoothing            = 2;
  •  first_pair_lot –        = 1.0;
  •  show_spread – show the spread line
  •  show_spread_ma – show the Moving Average of the spread line
  •  MA_Period – period for Moving Average
  •  MA_mode-method for Moving Average
  •  show_crosses-display values on the screen
  •  bar-shift by number of bars
  •  show_labels – show information
  •  text_size – font size 
  •  text_font-font

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