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Signal https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/leron34/seller#products

The accounts demands netting

The Expert Advisor brings two graphs of two distinct tools in the same window and opens counter positions when they diverge.

You need to use indicators, stocks, or currency pairs using large correlation.

By default, the configurations for trading CFDs on DOW30(us30index) and DAX(Germany30index) are put to DOW30Be sure to enter the title Germany30 as your agent’s title in the settings. by default, the area is empty! The Expert Advisor will not trade the index if the field is empty.

ATTENTION!! My agent allows you to trade 0.01 on the instruments DOW30, US500, DE30, JP225 and so on!! Many brokers have a minimum volume of 1.0!!Keep this in mind when testing and trading!! perhaps the default settings will not work for you!

If you increase the volume instead of 0.01 for example by 1.0, then you need to raise CloseProfit accordingly by 100 times!! and CloseLoss is 100 times and maybe more!! if you do not have enough funds on your deposit, use currency pairs instead of indices!!!!

The Expert Advisor has many settings. I only suggested for DOW30. This doesn’t mean that it will work on all tools! Use your parameters and be aware of the risks! Use CloseLossStoploss

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If you have any questions write in the comments I will post some settings later

You can use:





US500      USTECH

US30        DE30

US30        JP225


Tameframe m1  m5   m15   m30   h1   h4   d1

BUYSELL = 0; trading direction for the first instrument

Star_trade              = “09: 05”; Expert Advisor start time (tick time)

End_trade              = “22: 55”; time of the end of the Expert Advisor trade (tick time)

Lot1 = 0.01; the lot of the first instrument on which the Expert Advisor is installed

Lot2 = 0.02; the lot of the second instrument that we prescribe in the settings

Instrument_2 = “”; the name of the second instrument for example GBPUSD or GBPUSD. i or s

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