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-Dynamic Grid uses a simple grid basis from dynamic grid development, the number of orders that vary according to data.

-Take advantage of the volatility of the product. 

-Use volatility to help in zone consolidation and manage position sizes.

-Trading grids according to price directions can use the advantage to adjust costs and can reduce the increase of drawdown.

-Not stoploss is a zone management.

-Do not need a martingale, double lot.

-Can trade full time in all conditions.

-Passed 5 years back test of real tick data (2015-2020)

Key Features

Timeframe: M15
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Use only five-digit accounts
Initial deposit: $ 1000  
is recommended to use a low spread ECN Broker, 1:500 leverage
Using real tick data in backtest with
99.9% modeling quality


    MagicNumber – magic number to set the ID for each EA
    Lots – initial lot size 
    Lot_MM –
    Fixed /Auto 
    risk – risk percentage
    Ma_period – MA averaging period
    MaxPendingOrder – maximum pending orders on
    both the buy and sell side
    Period_bar_back – the number of bars count in the history for create zones
    – Show / Hide / Quick test
    DDCloseAll – enable drawdown percent close, set true or false
    DDPercent – set the
    percentage to cut loss, % drawdown
    Slippage – slippage value in points
    MaxSlippage – maximum allowable slippage value in points
    StartTradeTime – set
    time to start trading
    EndTradeTime – set time to end trading
    BrokerGMTOffset – Your Broker GMT Offset

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