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Fully automatic scalper Expert Advisor. Trades are opened using two indicators. Built-in news filter.

It is advisable to optimize for your broker and account type. Optimize only the indicator settings.

Deposit a minimum of 1000 dollars or cents for 0.01 lots per 1 pair.

It works around the clock, preferably installed on a VPS.

The recommended timeframe is H1.

Link to monitoring https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/ildarvin/seller

  • Lots – initial lot
  • Fix lot on/off – enable / disable fixed lot
  • Start balance-the amount of the deposit for calculating the lot
  • Take Profit – take profit in points
  • Stop Loss – stop loss in points from the first order
  • Stop Loss for News filter – a separate stop loss during the news
  • Magic Number – the number by which the Expert Advisor distinguishes its positions from other open positions
  • New Cycle-when the mode is turned on, the Expert Advisor works without stopping, when the mode is turned off, the Expert Advisor will not open new orders (on/off)
  • Max available spread – a spread filter
  • Indicator Shift-setting the first indicator (from 1 to 6)
  • Stoch K – setting up the Stochastic
  • Stoch D – setting up Stochastic
  • Slow-setting up Stochastic
  • Grid step – step between orders
  • Multiplier-lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders
  • Max Open Lot – the maximum lot that the EA can open
  • Orders Total – the maximum number of orders that the EA can open
  • Grid Take Profit-take profit of the grid series
  • Overlap Order-enable / disable the overlap of unprofitable orders with the last order
  • Overlap order number – from which order in order the overlap with the last order will work
  • Overlap percent – the percentage of profit for overlapping orders
  • Trailing Start-profit in points, at which the trailing stop is activated
  • Trailing Step – at what distance from the price the trailing stop will appear
  • Start Trade – start trading
  • End Trade – the end of the trade
  • Friday deals close – close the deal at the end of Friday. The transaction is closed without a grid.
  • Imp1DRAW, Imp2DRAW, Imp3DRAW – drawing on the news chart (on/off);
  • Pause before a high importance news – suspend the EA operation in the moments before an important news;
  • Pause after a high importance news-pauses the Expert Advisor in minutes after important news;
  • Pause before a medium importance news – suspend the EA operation in the moments before the news of high importance;
  • Pause after a medium importance news – suspend the EA operation in the moments after the news of high importance;
  • Pause before a low importance news-pauses the EA in minutes before the least important news;
  • Pause after a low importance news – suspend the EA operation in the moments after the news of least importance.

[spoiler title=”

For the News Stop Trading function to work, you need to check the box “Allow WebRequest” and add “http://ec.forexprostools.com”, “https://www.dailyfx.com”, “http://time.is/UTC” to the list of URLs for WebRequest. To do this, open “Tools” > “Settings” > > “Expert Advisors”. Check the box ” Allow WebRequest for the following URLs:”. Add the following: http://ec.forexprostools.com, https://www.dailyfx.com, http://time.is/UTC and click “OK”. From there, the news calendar will be loaded.


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