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EA Gold Stuff – Forex Expert Advisors MT4


EA Gold materials is a professional Advisor designed specifically for gold trading. that the work is based to the opening of orders on the Gold materials indicator, so the pro Advisor operates on the “trend Follow” plan, which means following the trend.


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  • Open brand new series – on / off beginning of a new purchase series.
  • Start lots – the beginning lot.
  • trade purchase – allow the specialist Advisor to buy.
  • Trade market – allow the expert Advisor to sell.
  • Use hedge-when the function is enabled, the EA will trade both buy and sell directions, when the function is disabled, the EA will trade only one direction.
  • Use Money Manadgement – on / off using automatic lot calculation.
  • Autolot. Free margin for each 0.01 lot – the amount of free margin to open each 0.01 lot unit.
  • Lot miltiplier– lot multiplication factor for the following orders.
  • TP-take profit, in pips.
  • SL-stop loss, in pips from the first order.
  • Grid Step – distance between the orders.
  • Trail Start-activation of the trailing stop.
  • Trail Step -distance from the price when the trailing stop is activated.
  • DD Reduction Algorithm – drawdown reduction algorithm in which the last order with a profit is closed with the first order of the series at a loss.
  • Number order for DD Reduction Algorithm – from which order the drawdown reduction algorithm is activated.
  • Percentage profit for DD Reduction Algorithm – percentage of profit when closing orders in the drawdown reduction mode.
  • Magic is a special number that the expert Advisor assigns to its orders.
  • Start, End hour – time to open the first order.
  • Maximum Lot – the maximum lot.
  • Maximum spread – the maximum spread for the expert Advisor.

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