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EA Greed Master RSI 50


The Greed Master RSI 50 Expert Advisor trades on the signals of the RSI indicator. Trades are made in one direction or another when the indicator crosses the 50 level. If the indicator is greater than 50, then the direction is Short , if the indicator is less than 50-the direction is Long. Profitable trades are closed with a take profit. Unprofitable ones are processed by the Expert Advisor using the averaging method, a network of trades is built in the same direction, the breakeven level is calculated, and when the price reaches this level, the network is closed by take profit.

  • MAGICB – magic number Long;
  • MAGICS – Magic number Short;

Section ” Trading hours”

  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset – known server time offset clock from GMT.
  • Hours-if true, the EA trades from the hour set by the Begin_hour parameter (GMT) to the hour End_hour(GMT). If false, it trades constantly.
  • Begin_hour – start hour (we are talking about initial transactions);
  • End_hour – end hour (we are talking about the initial transactions);

Section ” Starting installations”

  • Deals – the number of initial deals at once;
  • MaximumRisk-regulates the starting lot of the initial trades. Depends on the balance of funds on the deposit;
  • LotStop-lot limiter from MinLot to MaxLot. Limits the growth of the lot of initial transactions of the network.
  • LotForManual – the initial value of the lot for manual work.
  • DecreaseFactor-parameter for reducing the lot of initial trades;
  • TP-take profit in points from the opening price or breakeven level;
  • SLPLUS-stop loss in points from the knee price n 1;
  • CoefLot – the coefficient of increasing the lot when increasing the knees in the averaging network. At 1, the lot does not increase for subsequent transactions in the network, if the value is greater than 1 or significantly greater than 1, that is, 2-5 or more, and in combination with a decrease in the value of the parameterStep up to 0.2, and in combination with an increase in the MaximumRisk parameter, leads to a significant increase in profit per unit of time, but also increases the risk of Margin Call events andStop Out. These are aggressive parameters. They can be used in a night game (Hours = true; Begin_hour = 20; End_hour = 4) or in a quiet market. It is recommended to make regular withdrawals from the account. On the contrary, if this parameter is close to 1, the parameterStep in the range of 50-250, for example, and the MaximumRisk parameter is significantly reduced, from 0.01 and below, in this case, the profit per unit of time is small, but the Expert Advisor practically ceases to feel the news with its unpredictability and currency interventions with a large difference in price. Passive parameters. All modes are set by selecting parameters using the optimization method for specific requirements and deposits;
  • RSI – the period of the RSI indicator. If the indicator is greater than 50, the direction Short is selected, if less than 50, – Long;
  • Step – the step in points between the knees of the averaging network (from 0.2 and higher);
  • OnOffUnLine-if true, the mode of uneven increment of the averaging network step is enabled.
  • ULkoef – step increment coefficient of the averaging network;

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Forced direction selection modes

  • SELL-if true, the SELL direction is allowed;
  • BUY-if true, the BUY direction is allowed;

Restriction Parameters

  • LotMax-limit of the maximum lot that the Expert Advisor can use in the process of building networks.
  • OnOffLock-if true, the Margin Level limit mode is enabled. If the Margin Level falls below the LockLevel value during the operation of the Expert Advisor, the Expert Advisor calculates the total lots in the directions. Calculates the difference to the parity of the lots and sets the deal in the direction of the smaller total lot with a lot equal to the difference, thereby setting the state of the parity of the lots, the so-called locking. That is, the loss of one direction is balanced by the profit of the other. The Expert Advisor stops any actions, leaving the trader to handle this possibly dangerous situation himself;
  • LockLevel – the limit level for the Margin Level value;
  • BW-color correction for the black
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