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EA Izitrade Pro MT4


I am glad to welcome you to the IZITRADE Pro Expert Advisor page.

  • The Expert Advisor trades on the EURUSD, GPBUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD and other currency pairs with a small spread on the 5m timeframe.
  • The Expert Advisor can work with any amount of funds, but I recommend that you have a reserve of 2000 USD per currency pair.
  • The Stochastic and MA indicators are used to find market entry points.
  • On the panel and settings of the robot, you can choose the direction of trading (only Buy, or only Sell).

Link to the robot’s telegram channel:

Monitoring of a real account under the control of a robot:

Set of settings:

  • Indicator – an indicator that the robot uses to search for entry points.
  • Choosing strategy – aggressiveness of trading*.
  • Open new series – on / off start of a new order series.
  • Start lots – the starting lot.
  • Trade Buy – allow the Expert Advisor to buy.
  • Trade Sell – allow the Expert Advisor to sell.
  • Start lots – the size of the starting lot.
  • Autolot. Free margin for each 0.01 lot – the amount of free margin on the opening of each 0.01 lot unit.
  • Lot miltiplier– multiplication factor of subsequent orders.
  • TP-take profit, in pips.
  • SL-stop loss, in pips from the first order.
  • Distance – the distance between orders.
  • Trail Start-activates the trailing stop.
  • Trail Step -distance from the price when the trailing stop is activated.

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* 2 trading modes: Medium and Aggressive.

  • Medium: an intermediate lot of 0.02 in the series is used, a trailing stop is enabled, so that profit is lost, but large series are not increased. Suitable for small deposits.
  • Agressive: trading without an intermediate lot, without a trailing stop, we squeeze the maximum out of the market.



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