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EA Locker EA Protector MT5


Protect your EA from unauthorized use.

With EA Locker you can generate individual licenses for your EA to your customers.

Product blog page

Download MT4 version from here

Protection consists of three parts:

1. Your Unique EA identifier

2. User Identifier

3. Expiration date

Description of parts:

1. EA ID is your internal EA identifier. Itcan be the short name of the EA. (MyGridEA, TradeCopierEA…)

2. User identifier can be anything user specific data (Mt4 account number, Account number User name…)

3. You can set your demo product expiration date, or you can set with no expiration

EA Locker use AES256 encoding with strong key, it’s unbreakable from outside.

Using on demo account, use another encryption key than real account version! So Generated license with demo account is NOT compatible with real account !

Full version users have their unique encryption key. Free version users cannot decode Full version licenses!


The generated licenses are saved in the Metatrader common directory:


There is the all version unique encryption key too.

[spoiler title=”

You can download a license testing EA, from the first post.

With this LockedEA_Example you can test generated licenses.

How to make your protected EA:

If you buy, you will get the LockedEA_Example source too.

The source can be download from the first post too, but the zip is password protected, and when buy, you get the zip password.

To build the protection is easy: you need to call 1 function your EA initialisation, and include the crypting module -> only 2 rows in your existing EA.

If license checking success, then your EA will run, if fail, then stop it – or step into Demo account mode.


You can easily make your demo, or presenter application, which will expire in a given day.

Or give separate, different license for your every customer.


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