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EA Maestro is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for active trading in 2 instructions. The Expert Advisor contains an advanced entry filter based on the evaluation of the purchase cost chart model and technical indicators, includes a two-stage trailing stop, an analyzer of around price levels and an hourly trading filter. The Expert Advisor allows you to work with a fixed trading lot and an automatic lot calculated from the built-in money management module. The Expert Advisor is simple to use and instantly ready for use. It is enough to set it on the price chart and allow it to trade.

Monitoring of trade:  https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/omega_fx/seller


  • An advanced filter is entering the market; 
  • Round Price Level Analyzer;
  • Working with fixed and autolot based on MM;
  • Support for four and five-digit quotes;
  • Advanced Recovery system;
  • High performance;
  • Ease of use;
  • Flexible configuration.

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Basic requirements

  • MT4 Terminal;
  • EURUSD trading pair;
  • Recommended timeframe is H1;
  • Minimum deposit 200$;

  • MT4 Terminal;
  • EURUSD trading pair;
  • Recommended timeframe is H1;
  • Minimum deposit 200$;

  • Lots – trading lot;
  • Base-basic deposit;
  • autolot – use automatic calculation of the trading lot;
  • setbuy-allow setting long positions;
  • setsell-allow setting short positions; 
  • TakeProfit – the main take profit, pips; 
  • UseTrailing – use trailing stop;
  • Breakeven – breakeven point value, pips;                 
  • TrailStart – level of activation of the trailing stop function;                 
  • trailsize – level of treling stop;
  • gridtp-take profit of the order stack;
  • Scale-trading lot multiplier;                    
  • Step1 is the initial step of setting orders;   
  • Step2-additional step of placing orders;                    
  • Step3the main step of placing orders.        
  • MaxOrders – maximum number of orders;
  • repeatbuy-continuation of the cycle of long positions;
  • repeatsell-continuation of the short position cycle;
  • StartHour – trading start time, hour;
  • StopHour – the end time of the trading hour;
  • Rndsize-deviation of the round price level, pips;
  • EquitySave – activation of the monitoring function of equity;               
  • equityrisk – maximum deposit load, %;
  • showpanel – displaying the information panel;
  • Comment – comment on the Expert’s orders; 
  • bmagic-ID of purchase orders;                  
  • smagic-ID of sell orders. 

  • Don’t overstate your trading risks.
  • For low-risk trading, use a lot of 0.01 per $ 1000. 
  • For medium-risk trading, use lot 0.02-0.03 per $ 1000. 
  • For high – risk trading, use lot 0.04-0.05 and higher.
  • Recommended ECN account VPS.


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