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EA Pending order Spider


EA Pending order Spider (EA Pending order Spider) sets the distance at a given distance or at a distance equal to the arithmetic average height of the last bars (or the minimum allowed distance).) from the current price, two pending orders BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP or a grid of pending orders (Setka parameter). The EA places orders within the specified seconds before the candle closes (the TimeStart parameter), and after the specified seconds after the new candle opens, it deletes the failed orders (the timeEnd parameter).

It works on any currency pairs and periods. Pending orders are placed with pre-defined StopLoss and TakeProfit (if the values are zero, the corresponding parameter is disabled). The time filter can work around the clock or by trading sessions (HourStart-the hour when orders are placed and Hourrend-the hour when the EA ends). After one of the pending orders becomes a market order, the opposite pending order will increase the volume (parameter Q).

Closes orders:

Optimal for the strategy – we set the Expert Advisor on charts with a period of M5 or M15 of several currency pairs (we optimize the parameters for each pair over the past two weeks).


  • PERIOD – the working timeframe of the Expert Advisor.
  • FixLot – fixed lot; if it is equal to zero, the lot is calculated by Risk.
  • RISK – the amount of risk as a percentage of the deposit (from 0 to 100).
  • Magic-ID of orders and positions of the Expert Advisor.
  • HourStart – the hour when the EA starts placing orders.
  • HourEnd – the hour of the end of placing orders by the Expert Advisor.
  • Q – increasing the volume coefficient of the opposite pending order from the market one.
  • Profit – percentage of the total profit balance.
  • Setka – if true, a grid of pending orders will be placed in both directions, if false-only two pending orders.
  • Maxi – additional number of pending BuyStop or SellStop orders.
  • Step-points between orders.
  • K – increasing the volume coefficient of each subsequent pending order from the previous one.
  • StopLoss – the size of the stop loss, if 0-the corresponding parameter is disabled.
  • TakeProfit – the size of the take profit, if 0-the corresponding parameter is disabled.
  • DeltaPips – the size of the offset from the current price for placing a pending order, if =0, then the distance is calculated from the price by DeltaBar.
  • DeltaBar – the number of last candlesticks to calculate the arithmetic mean height used for the offset from the current price.
  • TimeStart-seconds before the candle closes, the Expert Advisor will place orders.
  • timeEnd-seconds after opening a new candle, the Expert Advisor will delete failed orders.
  • LossControl-transfer of StopLoss (if the profit on the trade on the currency pair is non-negative) at the first opportunity, if false is disabled.
  • BUStart – the amount of profit in points for transferring StopLoss.
  • sizeBU – breakeven size in points.
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop.
  • TralTime – seconds that block the trailing stop operation; if 0, the corresponding parameter is disabled.
  • TrailingStart – the amount of profit to start TrailingStop (in points).
  • TrailingDist – the distance of the TrailingStop from the current price (in points).
  • TrailingStep – the TrailingStop step (in points).
  • Commentary – comments in the “Experts” tab.
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