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It is a fully automated trading robot. Opening a position, as well as setting Stop Loss and Take Profit, is carried out by artificial intelligence trained on 15,000 examples. The Expert Advisor does not use strategies that pose a risk of losing a deposit or significant losses, such as grid, martingale or strategies without Stop Loss. The Expert Advisor is configured to work with four instruments – EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY.

MT5 version of the EA.

Description of input parameters:
  • Graphical interface – enable/disable EA’s build-in interface;
  • Graphical interface font size – size of the EA’s build-in interface font;
  • Orders comment – comment for orders opened by the EA;
  • Orders ID (magic) – magic number  for orders opened by the EA;
  • Trade EURUSD / Trade GBPUSD / Trade USDCHF / Trade USDJPY – currency pairs to trade on;
  • Orders size definition method – method for calculating the size of orders;
  • Fixed orders size – order size with a fixed order size calculation method;
  • Percent of the deposit – percentage of the deposit for calculating the order size;
  • Trailing stop – trailing stop value;
  • Let AI to put SL/TP – enable calculation of SL and TP by AI;
  • Take profit – take profit value;
  • Stop loss – stop loss value;
  • Max signal discrepancy EURUSD / Max signal discrepancy GBPUSD / Max signal discrepancy USDCHF / Max signal discrepancy USDJPY – maximum permissible deviation of the signal level from 100%;
  • Max spread – maximum permissible spread for opening orders.


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