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The ProTrader trading panel is a professional tool for comfortable trading

The ProTrader trading panel is a professional tool for comfortable trading

June 5, 2023

The functionality of MT4 or MT5 is enough for novice traders who rarely work with several curren

Pitchfork System Strategy

Pitchfork System Strategy

June 5, 2023

The Pitchfork Trading System strategy is named after its developer, Andrew Pitchfork. It belong

Rainbow Averages Strategy

Rainbow Averages Strategy

June 5, 2023

The Rainbow Averages strategy is definitely not suitable for beginner traders and is definitely

A method based mostly on a breakdown in the wrong way, utilizing pending BUY LIMIT, SELL LIMIT orders.

Advisable foreign money pair/timeframe: EURUSD M30.

  • Magic — Transaction ID.
  • Order Remark— Feedback on the order.
  • Slippage — Permissible slippage earlier than the order is triggered.
  • Order Kind — Selecting the path of commerce.
  • Max Unfold — The utmost allowable unfold earlier than triggering a pending order.
  • disable commerce if unfold excessive — Switching off buying and selling for a sure time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if the typical unfold exceeds Max_Spread.
  • Fixed_Lot — The lot is fixed (if Use_Risk_MM is fake).
  • Use_Risk_MM — If true, the lot measurement will increase with the expansion of the account steadiness.(Threat administration).
  • Percentage_Risk — Growing the lot measurement based mostly on the steadiness (threat administration in %).
  • Take_Profit — Take revenue in factors.
  • Stop_Loss — Cease loss in factors.
  • Breakeven_Target_PipsInp — If the value exceeds this worth, breakeven is triggered. (-1 = off).
  • Breakeven_Jump_PipsInp — The cease loss strikes to breakeven by this worth.
  • Trailing_Stop — Trailing factors when the place is in revenue. (-1 = off, 0 = Stop_Loss ).
  • Trailing_Step — The trailing step when the place is in revenue.
  • Risk_Protection_on_slippages — If true, the Professional Advisor makes use of a system for closing positions when slippage happens.
  • Adaptive_Trailing_to_slippages — If true – Adaptive trailing cease.
  • Change_correction_coefficient — The trailing sensitivity coefficient.
  • Adaptive_by_Time — Adaptive time-tracking algorithm.
  • Time_Scale — Time vary for value evaluation.
  • Show_Info_Panel true – data panel, false – fast testing within the technique tester.

Buying and selling by time inside a day:

  • Use time — If true, buying and selling is timed.
  • Time_Setting — Server time or laptop time.
  • GMT_mode — The mode for figuring out the dealer’s server time offset relative to GMT. (0 – unused).
  • Every_Day_Start — Begin time (hh:mm).
  • Every_Day_End — Finish time (hh:mm).

Shutdown time on Friday:

  • Use time — If true, the commerce is timed.
  • Time_Setting — Server time or laptop time.
  • GMT_mode — The mode for figuring out the offset of the dealer’s server time relative to GMT. (0 – unused).
  • Disable_in_Friday — The tip time is on Friday (hh:mm).

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11 January 2017


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Keisuke Tsutsui August 10, 2022 8:12 am

Grate EA , It works well, On real Spread works as SL-Spread , it means “EA Revese Break out” is easy to be touched to SL and to be loss.

But if use Inverted copy tool , This EA change to be profit EA, Spread works TP-Spread , if spread is big , it easy to be at tp.

Copy tool by you should set like bellows.

Sender ; defalut but you set on demo account , FIXLOT =0.01

Recever ; InvertTrades ;Ture , TradeAllOrdersAtMarket ; Ture, AllowSlippagePips ; 5.0 , FIXLOT = 10LOTS

ON EA REVERSE , TP=30, SL=30.. EURUSD 30MIN. you can get 100USD-300USD every breakout. Maybe other bigger Spread pair is easy to be Profits.