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EA Reverse Breakout


A method based mostly on a breakdown in the wrong way, utilizing pending BUY LIMIT, SELL LIMIT orders.

Advisable foreign money pair/timeframe: EURUSD M30.

  • Magic — Transaction ID.
  • Order Remark— Feedback on the order.
  • Slippage — Permissible slippage earlier than the order is triggered.
  • Order Kind — Selecting the path of commerce.
  • Max Unfold — The utmost allowable unfold earlier than triggering a pending order.
  • disable commerce if unfold excessive — Switching off buying and selling for a sure time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if the typical unfold exceeds Max_Spread.
  • Fixed_Lot — The lot is fixed (if Use_Risk_MM is fake).
  • Use_Risk_MM — If true, the lot measurement will increase with the expansion of the account steadiness.(Threat administration).
  • Percentage_Risk — Growing the lot measurement based mostly on the steadiness (threat administration in %).
  • Take_Profit — Take revenue in factors.
  • Stop_Loss — Cease loss in factors.
  • Breakeven_Target_PipsInp — If the value exceeds this worth, breakeven is triggered. (-1 = off).
  • Breakeven_Jump_PipsInp — The cease loss strikes to breakeven by this worth.
  • Trailing_Stop — Trailing factors when the place is in revenue. (-1 = off, 0 = Stop_Loss ).
  • Trailing_Step — The trailing step when the place is in revenue.
  • Risk_Protection_on_slippages — If true, the Professional Advisor makes use of a system for closing positions when slippage happens.
  • Adaptive_Trailing_to_slippages — If true – Adaptive trailing cease.
  • Change_correction_coefficient — The trailing sensitivity coefficient.
  • Adaptive_by_Time — Adaptive time-tracking algorithm.
  • Time_Scale — Time vary for value evaluation.
  • Show_Info_Panel true – data panel, false – fast testing within the technique tester.

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Buying and selling by time inside a day:

  • Use time — If true, buying and selling is timed.
  • Time_Setting — Server time or laptop time.
  • GMT_mode — The mode for figuring out the dealer’s server time offset relative to GMT. (0 – unused).
  • Every_Day_Start — Begin time (hh:mm).
  • Every_Day_End — Finish time (hh:mm).

Shutdown time on Friday:

  • Use time — If true, the commerce is timed.
  • Time_Setting — Server time or laptop time.
  • GMT_mode — The mode for figuring out the offset of the dealer’s server time relative to GMT. (0 – unused).
  • Disable_in_Friday — The tip time is on Friday (hh:mm).


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