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EA Scalping Gold Final


Ea uses a price action trading system. Ea will check the important keylevel and wait for the price to break through the keylevel and come back to test again to make sure the price will follow the trend.

This is a price action trading robot, the EA will stick to the medium term trend and price to deliver trades. Orders are always protected by the user set stop loss points. With the capital management system, it will help that EA operates in accordance with its purpose.

Telegram : https://t.me/trungtqIT

Timeframe is M5,M15,H1.

Minimum account balance: $30.


  • Every trade is protected by stop-loss
  • EA has the ability to trade multiple currency pairs at the same time without having to open multiple charts.
  • The EA installation is simple and easy to use for everyone.
  • EA can send telegram connection messages to help monitor EA’s activities better.


  • apiKey : The key to connecting to the bot on telegram
  • chatId : ID chat with Bot telegram
  • AlertTime : Configure the time to send messages to telegram
  • RunTime_Enable : Configure EA’s in-day start time. Time is calculated by broker hour
  • RunTime_Disable : Configure EA’s sleep time. Time is calculated according to broker hours
  • Symbol_1 : Management of EA trading pairs. Currency pairs are separated by “,” and strictly follow the broker’s symbols. for example: AUDCHF.pro, AUDJPY.pro, AUDNZD.pro …..
  • Solot : Lot numbers start when EA runs. Transaction volume will be managed by 2 forms below
  • QuanlyLot : Trading lot will be managed in two forms. 1 is in balance (the more balance, the higher the lot will not exceed 2% of its value at loss) and 2 is according to the target pip achieved (When reaching the target pip set, the Lot will increase itself according to Initial lot, for example the initial lot is 0.01, when reaching target Lot will increase to the initial lot 0.01).
  • DatSL : Manage take profit and cut loss. True is to use take profit and stop loss according to the value entered below and false is to run the value of the EA set
  • TP : Take profit (Pips)
  • SL : Stoploss (Pips)
  • TP_Gold: Take profit (Pips)
  • Donglenhtrongngay : Close Orders in day
  • ChotTheoChiTieu : Take profit according to the set target, which is calculated on the average of the currency pairs with trading orders
  • ClosedBySignal : Close the order according to the signal
  • TimeFrame : Time Frame
  • PipLoiNhuanNgay : Profit target according to Pips
  • PhanTramLoiNhuan : Target profit as a percentage of balance
  • Use_Trailing : Use Trailing stop if True and not if False
  • LevelMoving1 : Level Moving 1 (Point)
  • TrailingStop : The displacement point value when it exceeds the TP3 level (Point)
  • TrailingStep : The value of the shift point (Point)
  • Color_Header : Color font Header
  • Color_Detail : Color font detail
  • Color_On : Color font status
  • Color_Off : Color font status

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Video instructions for configuring sending telegram messages:

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