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After that, the price will be increased to $ 700.
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Real-time Trading 1: Click here
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Balance: $ 5000 on a standard account or $ 50 (on a cent account).
Currency pairs: EURUSD only
Terms: 5M
Leverage: 1: 500 or more.
Hello traders!
What strategy do you like in trading?
Grid, Hedge, Martin, Trend, News…. or … ???
Each trading style has its advantages and disadvantages. And if you don’t understand this, it will be difficult to control the reverse side of each method, you will lose money.
EA Master VN uses the GRID method, and its disadvantages are that you need quite a lot of capital compared to other methods and some of their disadvantages.
I am a trader with 10 years of programming experience, I like the Grid style, and I have spent a lot of time learning this method. After extensive research, I am sure that I have completely mastered this.
Don’t take my word for it, give EA Master VN a chance and see for yourself.

[spoiler title=”

There are many similar Expert Advisors on the market with dozens of user parameters, you are not their creator, so you may not understand this.
It will take a lot of time and money to select the necessary parameters. And because of the moving market, there are always changes that complicate your task … That’s why most of them are only good for the first few weeks, and then continue to lose your money. IS THIS CORRECT?
This is why EA Master VN allows you to configure only a few parameters.
The important ones were taken care of by a complex algorithm that is monitored 24/7 and automatically makes changes when the market movement changes.
So all you have to do is just launch the Expert Advisor and earn money. It’s very simple, like eating a cake.
Some parameters of the Expert Advisor.
= = = = Basic Setup ===
Stop Loss: means a stop loss for each order in points. You can increase this parameter for more profit, but with a higher risk. I suggest leaving it by default.
Max Trades: means the maximum number of buy / sell orders. I suggest leaving it by default.
Maximum lot: means the maximum volume of the last buy or sell order. Please note: the Expert Advisor will continue to place orders when the last order reaches the maximum lot. I suggest leaving it by default.
= = = = News Filter ====
Turn On / Off: True means using the news filter. The Expert Advisor will switch to a safe setting during the news.
I suggest you turn it on. To enable it, please add to – > Tool – – – > > Option – – – > > Adviser – – – – > > > > Check Allow WebRequest for the specified URL – > > > > > Add this URL ” ea-master-en / newsfilter.php “
= = = = Risk Setting ====
Turn On / Off: True means that the Expert Advisor will close all orders when the total profit becomes negative X USD / USC.
Maximum loss on the US dollar or US dollar: means that with a negative profit of X USD / USC, the ADVISER will close all orders.
Continue trading: true means that the Expert Advisor continues working after cutting off all unprofitable orders.
Not many programmers use their own Expert Advisors, but I am a programmer who sells my own Comfort Expert Advisor.
✔️ We have 2 versions on MT4 and MT5.
Please email me if you need more information.


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