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this idea and basic principles of this tool 

Easy transaction Panel – A Trading Panel for guide / semi-automatic trading.    dealing with orders and positions, calculating money management in one click! 

Main functions:

  • Opening and closing an arrangement
  • calculation of SL and TP as % of their deposit
  • calculation of SL and TP in points
  • calculation of SL and TP in $
  • automatic calculation of the profit-to-risk ratio (Ratio)
  • pyramiding 
  • averaging
  • move to breakeven
  • Trailing stop in points and by candle shadows 

today the trade will be completed in a few clicks, and the most important thing is you will know what risk you have in the transaction and will be able to clearly control it. 


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? Download the Free version for testing online

PDF Instructions for using the panel 

The idea and fundamental principles of the panel 

 The first thing I’ll start with is that this panel was necessary for me myself, it would seem that there are many similar panels in the market. But after reviewing them, I did not find simplicity and convenience in their use. 

Yes, of course, some of the panels were very interesting, but opening them I was lost in a lot of tabs and in the need to understand what and what to click that would just open the desired order and do it as quickly as possible. 

Three fundamental principles on which the panel was created: 

  • easy to understand and open orders
  • easy to manage 
  • reliability and security when opening transactions

      Here on these three stones, I began to make a plan for creating this panel, and now you can check it out by downloading the demo version of the panel.  

      The panel consists of 2 windows:

      • main window with a choice of options for opening orders
      • drop-down window for selecting settings for trailing, averaging, breakeven, pyramiding, etc.

      Be sure to download the demo version of this panel and test it. I wish you a successful trade. 

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