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EasyControls – a control panel for making transactions in “one click”.


  • Placing pending orders and / or opening a position
  • Deleting pending Orders
  • Closing a position in full or in half
  • Trailing position (transfer of the stop loss position after the set number of points in the direction of profit)
  • Indication of the current spread and trend direction
  • Indication of the profit/loss of an open position

Description of panel elements:

  • Lot – lot for orders or positions
  • Price / – – offset from the current price for placing pending orders (in points)
  • Loss – stop loss for orders or positions from the opening price (in points)
  • Profit – take profit for orders or positions from the opening price (in points)
  • Tr. start – the number of points from the opening price to start trailing the position
  • Tr. step – position trailing step
  • Buy-buy button (buy at the current price)
  • Sell-sell button (sell at the current price)
  • BL-Setting a Buy Limit order
  • SL-setting a Sell Limit order
  • BS-Setting a Buy Stop order
  • SS-Setting a Sell Stop order
  • Del Buy – button to delete pending Buy orders
  • Del Sell – button to delete pending Sell orders
  • Close 50% – button to close half of the position or if the minimum lot is open, it will close it completely
  • Close 100% – the button closes the open position
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