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Easily get all relevant economic events of the current day right into your chart, as markers. Filter what kind of markers do you want: by country
(selected individually) and by Importance (High relevance, Medium, Low or any combination of these). Configure the visual cues to your

If there is more than one event set to the very same time, their Names will be stacked and you will see the messages merged with the plus ( ) sign
on the marker. Obviously that long or too much events on the same time will be automatically trimmed due to MT’s limitation of this kind of text
over the charts…

  • Time Adjust – Add or subtract time to adjust and match the Events to your timezone/server time. Due to the limitations and
    mess that is to use MT5 clients all over the world to operate all markets worldwide, this adjustment is open to the user, avoiding
    mistakes in automatically trying to calculate the proper Event time for your platform. Just use the MQL5’s Economic Calendar page to
    match the events there to your terminal: www.mql5.com/en/economic-calendar
  • Selectable Countries: United States, European Union, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, China,
    New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico.
  • Selectable Importance Levels: Low Impact, Medium Impact, High Impact, Low Medium, Medium High, Low Medium High.
  • Individual Colors for Markers (Low, Medium and High impact)
  • Line Styles
  • Line Width
  • Font Type and Font Size for Event Names.
  • Y-axis offset for custom-padding the Event Names.
  • Timer to clean/erase all past events from chart.

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If you need a more powerful version check the Economic
Markers PRO

If you need a more powerful version check the Economic
Markers PRO

    Important Notes:

    1. Due to the nature of the data feeding process this indicator DOES NOT WORK with the Strategy Tester.
    2. When starting the platform on a new day and the market is still closed, unless the Experts tab (log) says that there is an error loading
      the Calendar Events, all of them were correctly loaded and plotted on the chart. They will only be shown to you when the new day really
      starts plotting new bars.

    3. In order to see the news coming upfront in your chart you need to enable the Chart Shift feature – space created intentionally at the
      right of your chart. And you can use the little “handle” to control the ammount of space needed.

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