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EEVCC Hedge Pro
Share Price: $59 Activation: 10
Real offer signal for more than 20 months
This is a two-way Expert Advisor for hedge trading (buying and selling at the same time).
Long-term offers of firms are profitable
It can be used in several currencies at the same time
A safe method of calculating profits
characteristic feature
Trading Chart: H1
Recommended currency: EURGBP, EURUSD
Minimum deposit: 3000USD, recommended 10000USD, 100USD for cent accounts
Recommended brokers: RofoForex, Exness and other platforms with high leverage and cent accounts.
UseAutoMagic = true; Whether to use an automatic magic number
MagicNumber = 2; UseAutoMagic = false Set the magic number
Lots = 0.01; initial trading volume
LotFactor = 1,8; multiple of the grid multiplication
NetGap = 300; distance to the grid
TakeProfit = 450; Take Profit
StableDeep = 3; The number of safe grid layers, if it is more, the take profit will be calculated automatically

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MaxDeep = 20; maximum number of grid layers
StartHour = 0; start time
StartMinute = 0; initial minute
StopHour = 23; end time
StopMinute = 59; end minute
Param1 = 7; indicator parameter 1
Param2 = 0.1; indicator parameter 2
Param3 = 0.2; indicator parameter 3
Slippage = 1; slippage
Display = false; Whether to display the panel
Comment = “2S-Hedge”; Comment


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