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I present to your attention a complex indicator based on mathematical, historical and price calculations.

The indicator will be very useful in building your own trading strategies and systems. 

What the indicator is capable of:

1.       Builds channels based on price
levels. Determines the strength of the channel and reflects it visually (the bolder the line, the more significant the channel. The dotted line is the weakest channel)

2.       Builds waves based on channels
(red line-bullish mood, blue-bearish mood)

3.       Pivot points of four levels:

·         A small circle with a unit
(takes into account small market impulses, color determines the future direction of the market)

·         Star (takes into account the average market

* A large circle with a five (the most
significant signal, takes into account large market movements. The color determines the future direction of movement)

· A large circle with a unit
(takes into account the price behavior within the channels, the color determines the future direction of the market) 

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The strength of the reversal signal is determined by the following criteria:

When the Trend reversal Point (one in a large circle) coincides with :

* Small circle unit – weak

·         Star-the average signal

·         The big circle five (it can
highlight the number in yellow, but not necessarily) is the strongest signal

If you have any ideas for improving the indicator, or if you have found any errors, please write to Support(Trade
System Studio)

Successful bidding!


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