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Elastic Grid is a multifunctional grid Expert Advisor designed to fully or partially automate various ideas related to grid trading. The Expert Advisor can trade on any timeframe, on any currency pair, on several currency pairs, on any number of signs. It does not interfere with manual trading, trading of other Expert Advisors, or the operation of any indicators. It allows you to adjust your settings on the fly, works only with your orders, and for some situations it can be configured to control any other orders of the account. It has a powerful information system with which a trader can control not only his actions, but also the overall trading situation for the entire account.

Currently EA supports 3 basic types of trading:

1.  Automatic reopening of closing orders in the network… >>>

2. Trading with a time limit… >>>

3. Trading with a profit limit… >>>

Any of these types can be run either separately or simultaneously with the others.

Additional information:

  • The Expert Advisor can be run simultaneously on any currency pairs or even on the same one with different settings. Each of his orders is marked with an individual comment in which there is both the price of his opening and the name of his instrument. At the same time, you can add a trader‚Äôs personal mark to the comment.
  • The adviser is not afraid of any interruptions in work. With each new launch and unchanged settings, it picks up all its orders and issues a report on what happened to them during its inactivity.
  • The information (and some trading) capabilities of the Expert Advisor can be used in normal manual trading. At the same time, most information panels, buttons and notifications can be freely moved around the schedule, some of them can be minimized and scaled, and for some, colors can be changed.

p.s. Elastic Grid is a fairly powerful trading tool with many options for its use. Many points in the description are affected very conditionally, and many are not affected at all. And although a lot of attention has been paid to the convenience of its use and information control, I still recommend thoroughly testing the adviser on a demo account first… in order to have a good idea of his reaction to various interventions and not get confused later in his settings during real trading. 

About the settings:

Elastic Grid is constantly evolving!  Some of its settings become outdated, some are updated, and some are added after the introduction of new functionality. Unfortunately, I physically do not have the opportunity to constantly correct their descriptions and describe in detail all the innovations. 

I try to make any settings intuitive and the dashboards should help a lot. But if you still have questions about them, I ask you to ask them in general discussions, and not in personal messages, so that incomprehensible points are clarified for everyone at once. 

Over time, I will try to add various videos where the undocumented capabilities of the adviser are revealed more deeply and various options for its use are clearly demonstrated. The available descriptions of the settings can be studied in the discussions… >>>

Additional video here…>>>

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

30 December 2016


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esasa November 16, 2021 6:50 am

I absolutely love it. I have been trading with it successfully. The main thing is, it creates pending orders. Which for some cases is better than using an EA that does it on the fly. But I sorely miss is a little better trade management. I want to be able to see the P/L of my current trades. That way I know when it is time to close. It already shows “cumulative market lot”! Why not cumulative p/l? What would be even better: If you could put two lines on the chart. One is for stop loss. One is for take profit. When price hits either line than all trades of this chart are closed. This would make this EA almost complete. Right now I have to open another chart with an EA that has this functionality. So for every symbol I trade I have to have two charts open. Not ideal. I wish so much that this feature would be implemented. Even if they are just two numbers for tp level and sl level. If you do Aliaksandr, I will buy another license and give this 5*. (As a matter of fact this EA has already earned 5* in my heart.)

Alexandre Besnard November 16, 2021 6:50 am

Alex Is very talented developper and made an update of the grid on my demand , so I really appreciate .

the elastic grid is a profit creator for the one who knows how to use it , five stars deserved !


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