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EMO PRO Robust Strategies


The EMO-PRO Expert Advisor is an automatic multi-time frame strategy for forex trading, which includes advanced order management from the opening to the exit time of the transaction. It consists of eight different strategies. Mid-frequency trades and semi-scalping. The Expert Advisor is easy to use, easy to configure, and designed to work as long as possible in the market to achieve the set profit goals.

Trades on a variety of pairs.

  • Does not use floating trades of more than (-50) pips per trade
  • It uses a hard stop loss, as well as virtual take profit and stop loss
  • This is not a martingale.
  • Not a semi-martingale
  • Does not trade on the grid.
  • Does not use arbitration.
  • Without fitting the test results.

  • UseMM: true/false – using money management
  • Buy/sellmtd: method for deciding whether to open a trade 0 = simple, 1 = exponential, 2 = smoothed, 3 = linearly weighted
  • Buy/sellLots-lot settings, if UseMM=false, specify the lot size (it is recommended to use 0.01 – 0.03 lots for a starting balance of $500 – $1000, and 0.03 – 0.3 lots for a starting balance of $1000 – $10000.This lot is optimal for good results and long-term work.
  • BalanceRiskPercent-risk as a percentage of the balance, if UseMM=true, 4% – 30% is recommended. This lot is optimal for good results and long-term work. NOTE : if you are trading on two pairs with a value of 20%, then set 10% on the first pair and 10% on the second. If you are trading on four pairs with a risk value of 20%, you need to set 5% for each pair. It is recommended to use 4 pairs, maximum 6 pairs.
  • Maxspread 187/188/20/58/120/123/127/192 : Maximum allowed entry spread size (4-6 pips recommended)
  • Maxspread 216: the maximum allowed size of the spread for the exit (2-3 pips is recommended)
  • Buy/SellStoploss: fixed stop loss
  • Buy/SellTakeprofit: fixed take profit
  • virtual stoploss: virtual stop loss, must be less than the fixed one
  • virtual Takeprofit: virtual take profit, should be less than the fixed one
  • Buy/sellprd: EMO indicator period, default 5
  • Buy/sellprc: the price used to calculate the EMO indicator; 0-closing price, 1-opening price, 3-minimum, 4 – average price, 5-typical price, 6-weighted
  • Buy/selldev: Standard deviation indicator

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The strategy passes the sustainability test:

I am Fajar Alam (Fajar Alam), I have been trading on the Forex market for 9 years. After leaving the investment company where I worked part – time, this is my first step in setting up my own small investment firm and trading on a live account. I only need to sell 30 copies of my Expert Advisor to launch my own firm. Of course, I will always support my 30 friends who bought this strategy. Then the adviser will not be sold, perhaps, only rent will be available.

Buy only Expert Advisors with deep analysis and testing on historical data for at least 9 years with a 99% tick quality and a spread of more than 2 pips (good strategies should always show viability with good results at a high spread).

Monitoring is available in my profile:


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