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Envelopes Trailing Stop


Envelopes Trailing Stop is a tool that implements the following of a stop loss order for the price according to the values of the Envelopes trend indicator.

The utility has all the necessary list of parameters for configuration, which allows you to choose the optimal configuration for any user.

The Expert Advisor allows you to select a trailing line depending on the type of transaction. For example, to carry out trailing purchases on the lower line of the indicator, and trailing sales on the upper line.

The Magic parameter allows the utility to work simultaneously with other Expert Advisors on the account.

  • Magic-magic number: 0-trailing of all trades, 1>= – trailing of trades with the specified > Magic;
  • Stop Level – the level of stops;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • ENVELOPES SETTINGS – trailing settings based on the Envelopes indicator;
  • Use Envelopes Trailing – use trailing by the Envelopes indicator;
  • Envelopes Timeframe – the timeframe of the indicator;
  • Envelopes Period – the period of the indicator;
  • Envelopes Type-the indicator method;
  • Envelopes Applied Price – the applied price;
  • Envelopes Buy Line – a line of trailing purchases;
  • Envelopes Sell Line – sales trailing line;
  • Envelopes Deviation – deviation of the indicator;
  • Envelopes Shift – shift of the indicator;
  • Envelopes Symbol-trading instrument: CurrentSymbol – current instrument, AllSymbols – all instruments.

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