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Volot  ==>  Volume Lot // lot based on the volume of balance.

                Examples1 : Balance 1000 USD, Volot = 1000, then lot is 0.1

                Examples2 : Balance 1000 USD, Volot = 400, then lot is 0.04

                Examples2 : Balance 400 USD, Volot = 400, then lot is 0.01


Target Equity ==> The final equity target that you want to achieve

How does the expert advisor work?

The purpose of ea is to achieve the target equity that you have entered in the parameters, when the trend goes up, ea will make a buy transaction. on the contrary when the trend is down ea will sell. When the trend changes, ea will close the position that is currently profit and will continue the position that goes in the direction of the trend. EA will stop working when the equity target has been reached and you must input the new equity target so that EA can run again. Or you can also withdraw the profits that have been achieved so that the equity will be below the target that you input, then ea will automatically run again.


– High drawdown might occur

– Margin calls may occur

– It is recommended that you input target equity 3 times from the initial deposit, so the previous margin call can be paid

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For more details on how the Equity Terminator works, please see the video


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