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The ProTrader trading panel is a professional tool for comfortable trading

The ProTrader trading panel is a professional tool for comfortable trading

March 27, 2023

The functionality of MT4 or MT5 is enough for novice traders who rarely work with several curren

Pitchfork System Strategy

Pitchfork System Strategy

March 27, 2023

The Pitchfork Trading System strategy is named after its developer, Andrew Pitchfork. It belong

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Euro Master is an innovative, fully automated expert developed to exchange with EURUSD. Expert uses unique artificial intelligence technology for marketplace evaluation to find the best entry points. EA includes self-adaptive market algorithm with reinforcement learning elements. Reinforcement machine learning differs from supervised learning in ways that it doesn’t need labelled input/output pairs to be present, and it does not need sub-optimal actions to be explicitly corrected. Instead it focuses in finding a balance between exploration (of uncharted territory) and exploitation (of current knowledge).


Expert showed stable results on EURUSD in 2004-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money managment used, no martingale, no grid or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions.

  • Working symbol EURUSD
  • Working Timeframe: M5
  • Min deposit: $100 
  • No martingale, grid, hedge or other dangerous methods of money management are used
  • Hard stop loss and take profit for each position
  • Not sensitive to broker conditions 
  • Easy to install


  • AutoLot (Percent of Depo for Deal)  Automatic lot calculation in percents of deposit
  • Fix Lot (if 0 then Auto)  Fix lot
  • Hour to Open a Trade  Start hour to open trades
  • Minute to Open a Trade  Start minute to open trades
  • Comments  Comments
  • Magic  Magic number
  • Trailing On Off  Trailing stop on/off
  • Trailing Start  Trailing start in points
  • Trailing From  Trailing from in points
  • Trailing Step  – Trailing step in points
  • Take Profit  Take Profit in points
  • Stop Loss  Stop Loss in points
    • Before you buy Euro Master Expert Adviser please be aware of the risks involved.
    • Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (EA could also make losses). 
    • The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cannot be transferred to live trading.
    • This strategy will always use a stop loss, but still execution of the SL depends on your broker.

    Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

    24 November 2020


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    Kkathykao December 26, 2020 12:54 pm

    After two weeks on real accounts, I can state confidently that this EA is very good, profitable, and you can always relax since there’s not risky strategies at all. For me personally, the most specific point would be that Mr. Tomilov is prepared to place the live sign of genuine account as well as free sign for Euro Master. The author is very kind and supportive, the EA works just as all of the backtest, I think that is all it about. The majority of time, we consistently found that it’s completely different outcome after putting the EA on the actual, however, since the consumers mentioned in Aura Gold reviews, it’s 100% the same as backtest. That means no backtest hints behind, you can’t always blame the different result from various brokers, distinct trading requirements. . .blah blah…(For many EAs, they couldn’t open trades and the writer would request you to be patient. . .even following a total week no transactions for an EA implemented on M5) All I can say for Euro Master, it is no doubt a superb great EA, the top on this MQL5 market, very few EA which you can trust and make use of it relaxed in mind, making gain for sure, and undoubtedly to give it a very long time to demonstrate the worth of long-term investment as long as follow the risk control recommendation from Mr. Tomilov. It deserves 10 stars in deed! Try it and you will come across the other way of trading style.

    Xiang Tai Ban Wei December 26, 2020 12:54 pm

    非常に勝率が高く、今の所負けトレードはありません。 作者はこのトレード全てにTPSLを設定していると記載していますが、SL位置はデフォルトで227pipsでこれはAuto lotに設定していると ほぼ全ての証拠金を失う金額になるので注意が必要です。 とはいえ、ドローダウン率は非常に低く、定期的に出金管理をしていれば問題ないと思います。