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How to tell if your broker account has been hacked

How to tell if your broker account has been hacked

May 16, 2022

No access to your account or money missing from your account? Not so simple. The internal rule

Evolution: FAP Turbo Evolution

Evolution: FAP Turbo Evolution

May 16, 2022

Many of you have probably already received promotional letters by e-mail describing all the conce

Forex Derivative 2.0: the good old sliver

Forex Derivative 2.0: the good old sliver

May 16, 2022

It is very strange, but lately we are often asked about Forex Derivative. It seems to be not the

Forget about the beautiful screenshots of backtests, it makes no sense to show a beautiful curve for a robot on a specific pair or on many pairs using various parameters via .set files. It will be nothing but manipulation for commercial purposes.  No grids, no Martingale, no averaging, no pyramiding, no lot size, no set files… Dear users, we are pleased to introduce you EURO SNIPER, our robot created on the basis of artificial intelligence/machine learning, which combines a portfolio of 14 strategies that work successfully on all euro pairs (EURGBP, EURUSD, EURNZD, EURCHF, EURCAD, EURAUD, EURJPY) with the same inputs, the same settings, the same parameters, without typesetting files, without curve fitting, because in our trading philosophy we believe that typesetting files are nothing but specific parameters of indicators that they work exclusively on historical data, adjusting the price chart of specific pairs to get excellent results, but fail and lose on all future charts, since they are designed to fit a specific price curve, which is why in all our robots the inputs of trading indicators are hidden to prevent optimization actions, since we are not looking for a curve fit, but are looking for reliable trading algorithms tested on various currency markets using many reliability tools, such as Monte Carlo, Walk Forward and for a long time outside the data sample.


Download EURO SNIPER and test it on all euro pairs as recommended, and if it doesn‚Äôt do what it‚Äôs supposed to do as described, don‚Äôt buy it. Don‚Äôt worry too much about the high quality of the simulation, as it works mainly on low timeframes (M1 ‚Äď M5).

It is very important and highly recommended to run the Expert Advisor on the charts with the autotrading button disabled and after initialization to re-enable autotrading or activate it on the charts during non-working hours and preferably on weekends, since the Expert Advisor can and probably will perform one quick single trade (immediate opening and closing of a position) during initialization to perform a quality test of quick execution. However, this transaction will be made with the minimum possible lot size of 0.01, so it will cost the user a few cents as a commission.

Please keep in mind that the performance of any trading system is severely limited by the conditions of brokers ‚Äď do not even think about trying it on random brokers ‚Äď only on well-known True ECN brokers with narrow spreads and low commissions.


 Recommended timeframes: M1- M5


 It is recommended to conduct tests on various europarks to show the stability of the adviser in various market conditions.

 Minimum balance 100 USD

 Recommended minimum leverage is 1:100

Only real ECN brokers, do not believe that the adviser will be successful without good brokerage conditions, low spread, low slippage and low commissions.

This Expert Advisor should work on the VPS continuously.

 All the functions and input parameters listed below are common settings that you will find in all our robots, and these are additional functions that have nothing to do with the trading logic of the Expert Advisor (trading strategies, entry and exit conditions).

   Features of EURO SNIPER

Fully automatic mode

Account equity protection

Hidden mode

Spread protection

Slip control algorithm

Rollover automatic detection time ‚Äď Rollover Filter

Trading hours management system

Advanced Money Management

GMT Settings

Message Block 

Reliable trading logic

Reasonable TP and dynamic SL levels

Low drawdown

Reliable backtest results

Support for multiple currency pairs

Advanced News Filter

Volatility Filter

Email Notification and Push Notification System

Friday exit system

For more information, click HERE to get acquainted with all the functions of the robot

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

04 August 2021


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