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Everlasting Grid scalping Expert Advisor that works on any currency set on the M15 timeframe (preferred currencies using reduced spreads). It uses moving averages to find a fad and set orders. when it was a false signal, the robot sets a restoring grid sequence to restore the losses. All positions are closed when the target profit specified in the parameters would be attained.

  • Optimized to work on EURUSD M15.
  • The minimal recommended deposit is $ 3000.
  • For better results, we recommend an ECN broker with a reduced spread.
  • Supports 4 and 5-digit estimates.
  • suitable for working with any agents, such as American brokers with a FIFO requirement.

  • Slippage – slippage, default is 3.
  • ProfitFactor-dynamic coefficient based on the currency and lot size.
  • StartingLotSize – the initial lot size, by default 0 (the minimum allowed lot is used). When specifying a value, it is used as the lot size in grid orders.
  • LotSizeIncrement – the value by which the size of each grid lot increases.
  • FixedLotSize – when specifying a value, use a fixed lot size (this option shows a smaller drawdown and a lower risk).
  • Grid Distance – grid distance for recovery orders.
  • Margin Amount – the maximum margin for grid orders.
  • Magic number – a magic number.

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Below are the settings that are suitable for EURUSD with a balance of $ 10,000.


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