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The Excelsior multi-character Expert Advisor implements a popular variant of the recurrent neural network and trades on daily charts. The Expert Advisor is ready for fully automatic trading on 8 symbols: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and USDJPY.

The main difference of this Expert Advisor is that it uses 2 independent recurrent neural networks to calculate the “buy” and “sell” signals. Two neural networks compete in such a way that their signals can exclude each other. Since the resulting signal from the two neural networks can change the next day, the Expert Advisor can decide to change or close the transaction during its lifetime.

Run the Expert Advisor on a single chart. Regardless of your current chart, the Excelsior Expert Advisor always works simultaneously with 8 symbols.

The Expert Advisor calculates the values for the daily timeframe as needed, so your timeframe does not matter.

You can close trades manually if you deem it necessary. You can open other trades on the same account or use other indicators and Expert Advisors. This does not affect the work of the Excelsior Expert Advisor.

You can stop the work of the Expert Advisor or restart it, the Expert Advisor resumes its calculations in the usual mode.

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The Excelsior Expert Advisor runs on a VPS server.

The Expert Advisor closes trades or sets a stop loss along the opening line according to its algorithm when the trend changes. The initial stop loss is indicative and is needed for internal calculations.

Volume risk – the risk based on which the Expert Advisor calculates the volume per transaction. Possible values: 0-5, where 5 means the maximum risk (drawdowns of more than 50% are possible), and 0 is the minimum possible amount on your account. Often, values greater than 3 create an unreasonably high risk.

Takeprofit – takeprofit. Possible values are 0-400. A value of 0 means that the Expert Advisor applies the calculated average value of the movement on each symbol (usually from 80 to 180).

Stoploss – stoploss.

Same signal max – the maximum number of transactions for the same signal. A signal on one symbol is considered to be the same if it is within the range of the same signal. Possible values: 1-5. Often values greater than 3 create an unreasonably high risk.

Same signal range – the range of the same signal. Possible values: 0-400. A value of 0 means that there is no identical signal, and the Expert Advisor opens all possible trades; the value of the maximum number of trades on the same signal is ignored.

All default settings (to reset to the default settings, click the “Reset” button in the context menu of the Expert Advisor properties).

Minimum deposit: 250 USD.


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