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The Exp Crassula Expert Advisor can start working with a minimum deposit of$20

You can enable it on other timeframes and currency pairs, having previously tested and selected the minimum parameter
size for the calculation in paragraphs.
it is recommended to use from 50 to 500.

It is possible to useMartingale.


The free version is released so that you can test the expert Advisor in real time.

1. Unlike the paid version, the Expert Advisor trades 2 days a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

2. In the free version, the magic number is not changed, no
blocking the accidental opening of a position when the Expert Advisor is enabled.

3. in the free version, trading is conducted, with a minimum lot, and there is no auto increase.

4. the free version does not allow you to change the parameters of the sliding stop.

5. in the free version, it is not possible to change the level of deposit protection for martingalee.


The paid version of the product without restrictions is available at the link

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