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Expert 10 Pips – Forex Expert Advisors MT4


This strategy once greatly interested me. The market is constantly fluctuating and almost always gives a pullback of 5-20 points. If you look closely at the chart, you can see that the price never goes straight up or down without pullbacks. Thus, you can make money on these small fluctuations if you collect a profit on each pullback of 10 points. The Expert Advisor was written a long time ago, and today I want to share it with you. At the first test, the robot showed excellent results and in two months the balance was increased almost 10 times, I constantly withdrew profits, which gave me confidence that this robot has no equal, but the first strong news took away the entire working deposit.

Over the years of using it, I can say that this robot is only afraid of news and a very weak recoilless trend. And if the recoilless trend can be dealt with by increasing the initial deposit, then it is impossible to deal with the news. To bypass the news, I brought up the trading schedule for each day in the Expert Advisor (you must first look at the time of news release and disable the robot for this time).

The Expert Advisor displays a lot of settings that were created by gaining experience with this tactic. Pay attention to the leverage, which should be at least 1: 500, and even better 1:1000. Use a cent account, as it allows you to use a huge working deposit, and this reduces the risks ($1,000 becomes 100,000 cents, with the same lot of 0.01).

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Also remember that a large profit always carries very large risks, so try not to overestimate the lot. When working with the Expert Advisor, I put a different lot size before each trade, depending on the confidence in success!


  • Direction-select the trading direction. Buy/sell/automatic referral. The automatic direction always reverses the trade after the take profit. This allows you to have 10 points of recoilless movement at the start, which increases the chances of a very fast rollback;
  • Auto Lot – automatic lot. Calculated using the formula-balance / Auto Lot * X (X is the minimum allowed lot on your trading account);
  • Lot – fixed lot if Auto Lot = 0;
  • Step – the step between orders. Initially, the option has 10 points, but you can experiment and put more. Good results and at 30-40 points;
  • Multiplier – the multiplier of the next lot. To disable the multiplier, set the value to 1;
  • Slippage – maximum allowed slippage;
  • Step Profit – take profit. A very important option! Here you specify the step through which to close all orders. 1 – on the previous order, 2 – on the second order from the current one, and so on. I recommend putting 1;
  • Stop Loss (%of balance) – stop loss in % of the deposit. At 0, the stop loss is disabled;
  • Stop Trades-stop trading after making a profit. Very useful option! When you need to stop trading to withdraw the profit, but the trades are still open, enable this option and new trades will not be opened after reaching the profit;
  • Close Trades-emergency closing of orders. If you suddenly want to stop trading abruptly, enable this option. All orders will be deleted and trading will be stopped;
  • Anti-slip Filter – if your broker has frequent slips, be sure to enable this option. It automates the calculation of take profit in case of slippage.
  • Magic Number – magic number;
  • Information-information panel;
  • Color – the color of the information.

The Expert Advisor has working time settings for each day of the week.

I wish everyone who bought the Expert Advisor a successful trade!


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