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Expert SHI Itrend LaGuerre Juice


The Expert Advisor uses the strategy on a 15-minute chart. The essence of the strategy is to use the SHI channel to determine the direction of opening a position. With an ascending channel, you should make a purchase, and with a descending channel, you should make a sale. In this case, the position is opened at the corresponding channel border.

In addition, indicator signals are used:

  • The I_trend indicator. When the red line goes up, while crossing the green line, you should open a short position. If the green line goes down, crossing the red one, then this is a signal for a long position.
  • The La Guerre indicator. When the indicator line is below 0.75, you should open sales, and if the line is above 0.15, open purchases.
  • The Juice indicator. Shows the volatility in the market. If its line is red, it is recommended to avoid opening a new trade.
  • The PSAR indicator. Determines the direction of the trend.
  • TimeFrameSHI-the timeframe on which the strategy signals are formed;
  • TimeFrameFilterPSAR-the timeframe for determining the trend direction using the PSAR indicator;
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss of orders;
  • Profit — Take Profit of orders;
  • deltaSHI — distance from the border of the SHI channel to open a position;
  • EnableITrend-enabling the I_trend indicator signals;
  • EnableLaGuerre-enabling the La Guerre indicator signals;
  • EnableJuice-enabling the Juice indicator signals;
  • EnablePSAR-enabling the PSAR indicator signals;
  • Trailing — if true, trailing stop trading is enabled. The trailing stop step is controlled by the TrailingStop parameter;
  • TrailingStop — the trailing stop step.
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