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Extremes Time Range


The indicator shows the levels built on the extremes of a given time range within a day. There are three types of levels being built. Maximum, Minimum and Mediana.

For example. The parameters specify: Start Time = 10: 00, End Time = 11:00, Reset Time = 19:00. During the period from 10:00 to 11:00 of the current day, the indicator will be in the calculation mode and will not display anything. From 11: 01, it will start displaying the levels of the maximum and minimum prices that were in the specified period, as well as the average price (Median). At 19: 00, the indicator will stop displaying levels and reset all values.

If the Reset Time parameter is left empty, the levels will be reset at the beginning of a new day.

All input parameters indicators must be specified strictly in the form: HH:MM, where HH is a two-digit clock value, andMM is a two-digit value of minutes.

If the levels are reset at the beginning of a new day, the Reset Time field must be left empty, without any zeros, or set the time to 23:59.

  • Start Time – the start time of the calculation;
  • End Time – the end time of the calculation;
  • Reset Time – the time to reset the levels;
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