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ChartChanger is a great tool for reducing the number of open charts on your terminal. It has three sections: Symbols, Time frames and Templates. You only need to keep one chart open, you can use it to switch between several charts.

  • Symbols: Symbols. You can switch from one symbol to another with one click on the button, and all the applied indicators will remain on the next chart. There is an automatic detection mode for symbols, or you can enter the necessary characters manually. You can use all 28 or any smaller number. You can use any symbols available in the MetaTrader terminal: currency pairs, energy carriers, indices, commodities, etc.
  • Time Frames: Timeframes. The function of changing the timeframe has been added, the buttons are located in the middle of the panel. By clicking on the button, you can switch to the desired timeframe, from minute to monthly.
  • Templates: Templates. The third function of this panel is to change the template. There are nine built-in templates, you can use any of them or not use any of them.

All the buttons are located in a freely movable panel. Place the mouse cursor at the top of the panel and hold the left mouse button to freely move the panel to any place on the chart. The panel cannot be moved outside the price chart window.

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Each of the three sections can be collapsed or expanded using the ” ” or “-” buttons in the upper right part of the section. This function allows you to free up space on the chart when the panel is not in use.

Please note: only one copy of ChartChanger can be running on one chart at a time. You can’t test it on history.

The buttons of all three sections of the ChartChanger panel can be configured separately using the parameters: “Text color”,” text size”,” bold text? “(True or false) and”background color”.

The background color of the main panel cannot be changed, there are two color options to choose from, described in the first paragraph of the settings.

There is a limited free version of ChartChanger in the “Utilities” section. Try the free version to see how it works and evaluate the advantages of this wonderful panel.

  • Color tone: the background color of the panel. There are two options: Bright (light) or Dark (dark).
  • Show Symbol Panel: Show or hide symbols on the panel.
  • Symbol finding mode: character search mode, automatic or manual mode. The automatic mode will detect the first 28 characters in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. When using the manual mode, you must enter the desired number of selected characters one by one.
  • Manual Symbol 1-28: the exact name of the required symbol, only one character on each line.
  • Show Time frame panel: show the time frame panel, True or false.
  • Show Template panel: Show the template panel, True or false.


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