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info regarding the MACD index is available at this link.

This indicator is capable of showing 1-2 MACD indicators on various timeframes and with different settings. there’s a free version that uses the EMA for calculations. This Pro version uses all 4 types of moving averages for calculations: simple, exponential, smoothed and linearly weighted. lively indicators can send a pop-up, audio, push message or an email alert. in the free version, alarms are served only when the zero line is crossed. In this Pro version, you can set notifications to be sent when the zero degree is crossed or when the histogram is crossed by a signal line, if this function is enabled by the user. Alerts can be set for one or both active indicators, even if they have different timeframes and periods. When 2 MACD indicators are used, alerts can work separately for each of them.

The main chart has a panel with buttons showing active indicators and their settings. You have the option to hide this toolbar. The buttons allow you to temporarily hide one of the active MACDs.

Added an additional feature that is not available in the free version: Divergence. You can choose to display divergences on both MACDs. You can choose normal or hidden divergences, or use both. You can select divergences by histogram or by signal line. You can also specify the display of lines only in the MACD subwindow or on the price chart together with the MACD. You can also display divergence arrows on the price chart. Alerts can be configured separately for two types of divergences. Full customization of colors and line thickness.


  • Panel location-the anchor angle for displaying the panel on the main chart.
  • Show Panel – show the information panel, true/false. This option is only available in the Pro version.
  • Panel size – the size of the panel, normal or large size.
  • Panel shift-moves the panel away from the edge of the chart.
  • Color of active MACD button – color of the active MACD indicator.
  • Color of inactive MACD button – color of the temporarily hidden active MACD.
  • Use MACD – use one indicator or both, true/false.
  • MACD time frame-select a timeframe for each MACD.
  • Alert-pop-up notification on the chart, true/false.
  • MA method-use any of the 4 types of moving average: simple, exponential, smoothed, linearly weighted / only in the Pro version.
  • MA Price – any of 7 price types for calculating the moving average: close, open, maximum, minimum, median, typical, weighted.
  • MACD show Divergence – type of divergence display: do not show divergences, normal, hidden or both.
  • MACD divergence line-apply the divergence line to the histogram or to the signal line. Select only one.
  • Show Price divergence line – if set to true, the divergence line will also be visible on the price chart.
  • Show price divergence arrow – if set to true, the divergence on the price chart will be shown as arrows.
  • Alert mode – you can set sending alerts when the histogram crosses the zero level or when the histogram crosses the signal line, or disable it. Select the type of alerts.

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05 June 2017


11 July 2018

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Muhammet Simsek January 14, 2021 1:17 pm

Quite great!

Lasse Holm January 14, 2021 1:17 pm

At last, a MACD indicator that works for me. Love the MTF capabilities and the possibilities for divergens on chart. Just grab this one 😃👍