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Fast Copier MT5 Receiver


This reliable, professional trade copier system is without a doubt one of the best on the market, it is able to copy trades at very fast speeds from one master account (sender) to one or multiple slave accounts (receivers). The system works very fast and mimics the master account a full 100%. So changing stop losses, take profits, pending orders on the master account is executed on the slave accounts too, like each other action. It is a 100% full copy (unlike many other copiers who only copy market order with one SL and one TP). 



The system is designed to work locally or on a VPS system. For scalping purposes we highly recommend a decent VPS with low latency. In our Discord channel we will add the tested VPS providers which give the best results. 

The copier automatically calculates the lotsize for the receiving account “pro rate” according to the equity in both accounts. Let’s assume the sending account is 10.000$ and the lotsize is 1. When the receiving account is only 1.000$, the lotsize used here will be 0.1. 

This is the MT5 sender version (MT5 and MT4 receiver), we also provide a MT4 version.

Attention, to have a working setup you need the sender as well as a receiver. The one is useless without the other (Fast copier MT5 sender AND Fast copier MT5 receiver/MT4 receiver).

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Sender :  

Receiver MT5 (free) : 

Receiver MT4 (free) : 


The use is very simple. Simply attach the “sender EA” to a chart on the master account (sender) and the “receiver EA” to a chart on the slave account (receiver) and make sure autotrading is activated in both accounts. That’s all! 

If the slave account has a suffix or prefix (EURUSD is EURUSD.p in the receiving account for example), this can be added in the inputs (.p for the suffix in this example). If no prefix/suffix is needed (both accounts have same symbols) just it leave blank.


For more technical info or questions, please send us a message.


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