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Fibo Candle Previous


The indicator draws the Fibonacci levels for the previous closed bar (including non-standard periods: Year, Half-year, 4 Months, Quarter, 2
Months). The levels are redrawn each time after the current bar is closed. It is possible to turn on warnings when
crossing the specified levels.

You can also analyze the levels on the history. To do this, set the number of Fibo levels in the “Number of Fibo in the past” option.

  • Number of Fibo in the past — how many Fibo levels in the past will be drawn;
  • Period for the Previous Candle-period for building Fibo levels;
  • Upper levels (>100%) – Upper levels, values must be greater than 100 (separated by a space or semicolon);
  • Main levels (0-100%) – Average levels, values must be between 0 and 100 (separated by a space or semicolon);
  • Lower levels (<0%) — Lower levels, values must be less than 0 (separated by a space or semicolon);
  • Don’t draw Fibo on prev Candle (only in the current period) – do not draw fibo levels on the previous bar. If
    If this parameter is enabled, the Fibo will be drawn only for the current period, but it will be calculated as before for the Previous bar.
  • Don’t count the weekends (on D1)-don’t count the weekends (Saturday-Sunday). Only for
    period D1;
  • Show period separator — vertical lines) – show the period separator. The chart will be displayed vertically
  • Show Fibo only on lower timeframes-draw Fibo only on smaller timeframes;
  • Upper color — the color of the upper lines;
  • Main color — the color of the middle lines;
  • Lower color — the color of the lower lines;
  • Style of lines — style of lines;
  • Width of lines — the thickness of the lines;
  • Min pause between signals (sec) — the interval between alerts in seconds;
  • Levels for alerts (separated by a space or semicolon) — levels for alerts separated by a space or semicolon
  • Alerts-enable a pop-up warning;
  • Push notification-enable push notification;
  • Send e-mail — send an email.
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