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this indicator allows you to instantly ascertain the current fad by color and FIBO levels. greater Timeframe the panel displays the current tendency of the higher phases, helping to determine the strength of the trend

? Telegram: https://t.me/INFINITY_PRO_ED 

? real accounts signals:  here

? real accounts signals:  here

F FIBO Trend PRO never redraws or changes its worth

 Very easy to use and intuitive

 Applicable on almost any symbols of your broker

 FIBO levels are excellent targets for both Target and Trade Profit

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 Suitable for any strategy such as intraday or long-term, trend or pullback trading

 Supports telling of a trend shift and sending a message to your mobile phone

By purchasing this indicator, you get one of our other indicators to choose from for free under the “1 1″ promotion”

Terms of the promotion: Buy one get the second as a gift: zdes

FIBO Trend PRO is suitable as an additional filter for trend-type indicators, for example, trendline PRO: here


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