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– Indicator sends signals and notificaitons on key Fibonacci Retracement and Extension Levels

– Once the buy/sell signal is set, targets ( TP1 TP2 TP3 )and stop loss levels are drawn by the indicator.

– Fibonacci Calculations and Custom Patterns are identified by the last 3 or 5 Zig Zag exterum.

– You can easily identify key harmonic patterns like Gartley, Bat, Butterfly and Crab patterns.

Important Settings: 

– Choose the Zig Zag Settings : ( Depth – Deviation – Backstep )

  12 5 3 is the default. 21 16 8 can be used as an alternative for deeper legs 

– Breakout Type:

  Candle Close Option : Indicator waits for the candle close to send signal.

  Instant Mode: Indicator sends signal as soon as the price enters the retracement zone

– Keep Patterns:

  True: Displays all selected patterns in the history.

  False: Pattern dissapers when it is completed. ( When the price hits stop loss or TP3 level ) 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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