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The famous FIBONACCI now has a robot completely different from those already on the market!
YOU are the one who designs the channel, indicating some consolidation.
After you confirm that the channel is ok, the robot does the operations: it places technical stops, leaves with or without TakeProfit (configurable in the parameters), and can perform the stitching (optional in the parameters).
You can redefine the limits of the REFERENCE CHANNEL as many times as you want, until it suits your preference. Just look for a consolidation.
If you disable stitching, it will treat each operation as if it were the first.
For the youtube video, activate the caption if you want a quick explanation of how it works.
MAGIC: It’s the Magic number. If your account is a hedge, you can operate the same asset with more than one window with the robot, just let each one have a different MAGIC.
Batch (zero = Minimum): Specify the batch you want to operate. If it is ZERO, it will operate with the minimum lot of the asset.

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Allowed Transactions: You can let it operate only buy, only sell or both. You can also disable it if you want to operate manually but using the robot’s marking.
Checks Balance before Transactions: In Brazil, not all brokers provide balance. Disable this option, if applicable.
Use Technical TP (false = Without TP): If you want the TP with twice the distance (technical TP), leave it true. If you want to follow only the SL scroll without a defined TP, leave false.
Enables 50% in Continuity: If it is false, the robot considers each situation as if it were the first operation. True, it follows the straight rule after the first operation or the first trend reversal.
Stop Trading on the First Gain: Exactly: on the first positive exit, stop trading on the day.
Inversion, wait 50% beyond the ZN: If it is false, it goes inverted (if it is not operating) right at 100% of the ZN. If true, it only considers inverted 100% 50% of the ZN.
Rolling SL with 50%: False, it rolls SL only when it reaches 100% of the furthest channel. True, it scrolls every 50% of the distant channel.
Automatic Channel (false = Manual): The best channel is the one marked manually. But, if you wanted automatic, there is the option.
Maximum Automatic / Test Distance (Increase in the Future): A limit so that the GAPs do not make the channels too large.
Profit Objective: Profit amount that, when reached, forces the exit and no longer operates on the day.
Tolerated Loss: Amount of loss that, if reached, forces the exit and no longer operates on the day.
Time Control: If false, it disregards time control. True, it operates only at permitted times.
Start Time: Time you can start operating
Start Minute: Minutes of start time
End Time
Final minute
Minutes for total closing (Zero cancels): If it is ZERO, it allows swing trade. Any value above this, as long as within the operating hours, forces the output on the day.
DAYS OF THE WEEK: Days when trading is allowed


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