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FindInsideBars with Alerts


This indicator is looking for the Price Action Inside Bar pattern and puts a signal pointer on the current bar, displays the levels for pending orders at the prices of the determining bar and reports the found pattern.

An internal bar is a bar whose range does not exceed
limits of the range of the previous bar. In other words, this is a bar, the maximum
which is below the maximum of the previous bar, and the minimum is above the minimum
the previous bar.

The bar preceding the inner one is called “defining” or “measuring”.

a setup for trading, the “defining” bar is considered together with the
internal one as a single pattern. The pattern is two-sided. It can
serve as a U-turn.

The indicator has eight external parameters:

  • DrawGraphic – whether to display a graphical representation of the pattern.
  • Color of Long pattern– the color for the long pattern.
  • Color of Short pattern– the color for the short pattern.
  • Fill or Frame pattern – fill the pattern with color or outline it with a frame.
  • Width of the frame pattern – the size of the frame.
  • Use Alerts-report the found pattern.
  • Send Push-notifications-send push messages about the found pattern.
  • Send mail – e-mail-informing about the found pattern.
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