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Avalanche is a new Ethereum competitor or scam

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Dividend calendar - a tool for a long-term investor

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Dividends - payments to investors from the profits of the company by decision of the meeting of

This robot is based on martingale logic, but applies a fixed increment and limits the frequency of opening trades to avoid a lot of risk due to this logic.

Positions are opened in both directions without setting take profit and stop loss levels.

The stop loss is set only for profitable trades and is pulled up after the price.

When the target profit is reached, all open positions are automatically closed.

The recommended period is M1, but the Expert also works on others.

It can be used on all pairs with default parameters (check your broker’s spread to adjust the filter parameter). But before that, it is strongly recommended to follow the recommendations below.

  • targetProfit: the amount in the account currency at which all positions will be closed.
  • commissionFactor: coefficient for calculating commission on current positions according to the formula of the lot size*commissionFactor (use the correct value based on your account).
  • pipsDistance: the distance in pips to open new positions (the recommended minimum value is 200).
  • trailDistance: The distance in pips to activate the trailing stop if there are no losing trades.
  • initialLotSize: the initial lot size.
  • slippage: slippage when opening positions.
  • allowedSpread: maximum spread for opening positions.
  • stopTrading: If true, the EA stops opening new positions if there are no more positions to close.

Conduct testing on the history with the highest possible quality (at least 99.9%).

Manage risks and work with the volumes (lots) corresponding to your capital based on the test results.

Be careful, as too aggressive parameter values (too low a pipsDistance value and too high an initialLotSize and/or targetProfit value) can lead to the loss of your account!

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

12 April 2018


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ūüĒ• More than 100% profit in 1 month; ūüõĎNo martingale; ūüó£ÔłŹCommunity of users; ‚úÖTotally automated strategy.

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