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The indicator determines the flat sections of the price movement according to the specified parameters.


  • TimeFrames-select the chart period.
  • FlatPips – limit in points for determining the flat
  • FlatBars-limit on the number of bars to determine the flat
  • CountBars – the number of bars in the history to analyze the price movement, at 0, all bars in the history are analyzed
  • Color – color of the price section defined as flat
  • PriceTag – additional drawing of price tags
  • Alerts-display a dialog box containing user data
  • Text – custom text for alerts
  • Send_Mail – send an email to the address specified in the settings window on the “Mail” tab”
  • subject-the title for the email
  • Send_Notification-send notifications to mobile terminals whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the settings window on the Notifications tab.

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