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The “Fractals and Arbitrage” Expert Advisor (FNA MT5) contains two strategies.

The input parameters for the strategy of “break of fractal levels”:

  • _point-Offset from the fractal level in points for placing a pending order;
  • _stopLoss — Stop Loss value in points;
  • _takeProfit — Take Profit value in points;
  • MAGICMA-Expert’s Magic Number (Applies to both strategies!);
  • TStop – The value of the trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep-Trailing Stop step;
  • DecreaseFactor-Reducing the load on the deposit after losing trades;
  • MaxRisk_perc — Percentage of available funds for placing new orders;
  • FixedLots-Switch modes for the volume of lots of pending orders (false-we trade a percentage of the deposit, true-we trade the minimum lot);
  • Lot — Minimum lot for trading on a fixed volume of orders;
  • TimeM — Trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE — Trading end time for this Expert Advisor;
  • Tfill — Type of execution order.

The Expert Advisor in the “Arbitrage” mode is not able to place trading orders, its purpose is to collect data for the trading robot operating in the MT4 terminal.

Input parameters for the Expert Advisor service function:

  • ArbitrageCheck-Strategy switch (false – strategy “Fractal levels”, true – function ” Arbitrage”);
  • _symbolFolder — The main symbol folder for two instances of the Expert Advisor of two different terminals (When installing Expert Advisor instances on charts, this folder must be empty or absent);
  • folderMain-Folder for operations with the data of the current instance of the Expert Advisor of the current terminal (must match the name of the folder “folderAlter” of the second instance of the Expert Advisor in the other terminal);
  • folderAlter — Folder operations data for the second instance of the adviser to the second terminal (must match the name of the folder “folderMain” the second instance of the EA in the terminal);
  • _millisec — Integer parameter for the Expert Advisor timer.
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